E-commerce Logistics Suite

Making the e-commerce logistics work

The StrongPoint E-Commerce Logistics Suite is a complete solution for managing and optimizing the entire product flow of online orders from planning, picking and delivery. The solution easily integrates with existing systems and solves retailer‘s special needs.
It consists of five solutions that can be integrated and customised to fit the individual retailer’s needs:

Click & Collect

StrongPoint’s Click & Collect solution features a self-service grocery locker with three temperature zones: ambient, chilled and frozen. It turns grocery retail into a 24/7 customer convenience giving a flexibility for customers to pick up their groceries at their leisure.  At the same time, it lets store managers smoothly run their Omnichannel retailing making the whole pickup and delivery process stress-free.

Customers simply order their goods online and select desired pick-up station location for delivery. A text notification is sent to the customer with locker access authentication details once goods are ready for collection. Store managers can monitor the entire process and the status of each locker through the locker software. Lockers can be simply filled during the day several times and it takes only a moment.

In combination with DeliveryManager Click&Collect solution gives real time control over delivery process, keeping an efficient 2-way communication with the customer before delivery and securing that the right goods are delivered to the right customer and at the right time.

StrongPoint‘s pick-up stations are modular, easy to install, fitting any space and manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use in all weather extremes. Software easily integrates with existing in-store systems to provide full task management functionality and scalability.



Pick & Collect

The picking of the order items is one of the majorparts of managing online orders. And yet, most retailers do this manually, or have developed their own systems that rarely succeed inefficient order picking processes. With Pick & Collect solution, the order picking will be faster, more accurate and require fewer resources. By using a web-based centralized system, you can administrate and pick orders locally in stores or separate storages.

Pick&Collect gives you unique features and benefits:


It is well known that standing in line is one of the most frustrating parts when it comes to shopping in a store. This also applies when the customer comes to pick up his pre-ordered items. Queue Manager solution enables retailers to properly manage customer flows when customers pick up their online orders.

The customer indicates at a terminal that they are here to pick up their goods. In the same second, a message will be sent to the staff that the customers have arrived. When the customer‘s order is ready to be released, the queue number will be presented on the terminal and the order can be picked up. Simple, practical and smooth.


Customers, especially in Click & Collect related businesses, demand a more convenient process and function to deliver goods to their consumers. Both to a fixed delivery point or to the consumer’s address. The process must be comfortable both for the staff that will handle deliveries and for the customers.

DeliveryManager manages communications with customers and helps the organization to gain control. It ensures that the right delivery goes to the right customer at the right time. You also handle any discrepancies with clear information and notes.

DeliveryManager provides control over the entire delivery process from central warehouses, but also from the individual store. You have access to all necessary information in real time about the number of orders to be picked and delivered and at what time. The system also provides specific details about each individual order and provides feedback when each order has been delivered or handed over.


Route Manager optimises the home delivery process, which results in a better shopping experience for the customer and increased efficiency for the retailer.

It plans the best routes, manages vehicle sizes, plans delivery slots and ensures that the orders are picked and stored in the most efficient way. The software is integrated with Google maps. It provides real-time traffic data and ensures that deliveries are made in a timely manner. The solution also supports SMS-communication with the customer, which further improves the shopping experience.

The solution can be integrated with external delivery companies.

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