StrongPoint APAC secures an Airport Rail Link Provider

Farah Farikah

October 10, 2018

The Vice President of Customer Service at one of South East Asia’s leading Airport Rail Link first experienced CashGuard at a local restaurant. He was immediately impressed and envisioned that the solution could help optimise & automate the cash handling at his company.

Strongpoint APAC were invited to make a presentation of the solution. Following an extensive process analysis and tender process, CashGuard was chosen as the solution that would replace all manual cash tills at the clients train stations. The business case for CashGuard was rationalized based on the solution being able to simplify their existing complex manual cash handling process, which costs the customer approximately USD 80,000 a year. It was further exacerbated by the extensive paperwork and manual cash counting required during every shift change.

The client favoured CashGuard over other solution providers for a variety of reasons. One of the key benefits being CashGuard is a ‘desktop’ solution with minimal counter modification requirements. High recycling capacity, and lower investment cost were also cited as other reasons the solution was chosen over other competitor offerings. Also, the client acknowledges StrongPoint’s credibility as a solution provider, proven by more than 35,000 installations globally.

Vinodhan Alagasamy, Project & Solution Advisor at StrongPoint APAC commented about the extensive work the team carried out to quantify the business values of using Cashguard:
“We carried out an extensive cash handling analysis, which quantified the inefficiencies in the client’s existing process and proposed a new process using CashGuard. We also highlighted how CashGuard could potentially eliminate an existing float delivery workflow using CIT providers, which amounts to a significant cost to the client. With CashGuard, the CIT provider only carries out collection of sales and are not involved in delivery of float across all stations. This change of process offers excellent savings – reduction of 2,000-man hours of cash handling per month in addition of eliminating a monthly expense of USD 7,000 for CIT float delivery.

The client chose StrongPoint APAC from other competitors and is preparing for the installations at all the stations soon.